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We are P R E M I U N S. A company located in Maputo (Mozambique) which promises to be a national benchmark in provision of real estate service with quality.

We have successfully helped people to find the properties that they really want. We can do exactly the same thing for you!


Have you ever wondered:

Why do I have to spend my time to sell or look for a property, receive scams, instead of leaving this service to a professional, who will achieve the best result for all involved parts?

Besides that:

Do you know any real estate that is a reference brand, which is well structured, with qualified personnel, operating professionally, personalized service and own website, that you can entirely trust, in Mozambique? No?!

In that case, you’re in the right place!

P R E M I U N S has a professional service environment oriented to competence, safety, attention and cordiality. On the other hand, this real estate is one of the pioneers with its own website in the national sector, which allows to increase the well-being and comfort of its users.


The purpose of P R E M I U N S is to help people carry out their life projects of having an own home (rented and/or purchased), by creating the best connections through a service of excellence.

The company selects valuable properties and business partners. Besides that, it has a policy of disclosing properties with regularity, through differentiated photos, sharing relevant information and healthy communication, with clients and owners.

From the moment we work for you, we will be focused on mapping the search profile, knowing the properties in detail, avoiding scams and, thus, wasting time, in order to satisfy the client’s needs and expectations.

So, choose to have Life Quality! Enjoy your time doing useful things and beside your loved ones.

Let us work for you! Avoid frustrations.

Join to P R E M I U N S!

We value your time and we are attentive to your needs.


P R E M I U N S Real Estate brings together in its team youth with experience. It is formed by qualified people for the real estate sector, whose competences are in administration, legal (law) and financial areas.

The team integrates professionals with training and work experience abroad and, one of them with more than twenty (20) years of activity in this sector in Mozambique. Figure 1 illustrates part of a presentation recently held in Brazil by one of its members.

Figure 1 – Presentation of a team member in Florianópolis city (SC) – Brazil

Source: adapted by the author – NADER UFSC award.

For P R E M I U N S team, to be a real estate agent is much more than doing everything to close a business, for his/her own benefit. This activity includes acting, on the basis of values and ethics, to achieve a whole satisfactory and fair result for all involved parts, for the client, owner and real estate agents.


P R E M I U N S values are:

  1. Integrity: action based on truth, transparency and fulfillment of the promised.
  2. Professionalism: service based on objective processes and with a focus on the Client.
  3. Quality: guidance for measurable results and response to expectations.
  4. Efficiency: search for solutions quickly and value the time of the Client.
  5. Excellence: proceed in the best way possible and look for continuous improvement.


The mission is:

Help people to achieve the dream of having their own home, through an ethical, quality, professional, excellence proceeding and, guided by social and environment responsibility.


The vision is:

Be a reference and exemplary brand of proving real estate service, in the country, in four (4) years.

Connect with us, it is easy. We will be pleased to listen you.

Now you can:

  1. Send us a message going to Contact.
  2. Search property(ies) to Buy or Rent.
  3. Advertise your property.
  4. Or, “We can look for you!”.

Now that you know more about us, relax and enjoy everything that our website offer. You deserve it!

We are always here to help you in the best way.

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